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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Resume And Cover Letters

Why do you go to school? No, I'm not talking about high school. I know why you attend high school. It's basically standard acceptability. If you fail to graduate and achieve that diploma, you can be seriously ostracized in more ways than one. Not only will those you encounter think less of you, but the job market will keep you locked out. At least the decent jobs anyway. This is why high school is a basic imperative. Now, what I am referring to is college. Why do you go on to acquire that bachelor's degree? Are you looking to attain a white collar career? Or maybe you've always been told by others that college is essential in this day and age. This is certainly becoming more and more evident. What job will you get without a college degree? Will it support a family? These are crucial questions to consider in life. If you do achieve that college degree, a resume and cover letters will soon be in order. Are you ready for a good career?
Where do you acquire a quality written resume and cover letters? Well, you can purchase a few books and take the journey on your own. This way you won't have to pay anyone ever again to construct a decent resume and cover letters. However, it may be a rather time-consuming process to learn. So, unless you intend to create resumes for a living, I would have it done for you. This brings you to the question; where do you have your personal resume and cover letters made? That depends on what you wish to spend. A variety of resume and cover letters services will charge different fees. I can recall back when my wife had her resume and cover letters done after she graduated from college with her engineering degree. She spoke with a few different services, and then finally chose a reputable one. I must admit that I thought the resume and cover letters charge was high. I mean come on; 500 smackers for a decent resume? That seems high to me. However, when my wife received her finished resume and cover letters, she was stoked about the results. Everything was detailed, fleshed-out and brilliantly written. It looked as though she were over-qualified.
Are you searching high and low for a resume and cover letters service? Look no further than your own personal computer. Online it's a synch to compare different services. Get that resume and cover letters you need to get started.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Anti Theft Device

One thing the world could use a lot less of is criminals. Hey, am I right or am I right? Don't you just love it when people ask that question? They're basically saying they're right, regardless of what you say. This is one of those instances. I seriously doubt that anyone is going to argue with me and claim that we need more criminals walking the streets. Regardless, among the many problems with criminals is theft. Yes indeed, theft is a major issue. It always has and it always will be. Far too much of our current society lacks scruples. It's pathetic and ridiculous. This is why we all have to do our part in staying safe and protecting our things. Take the common anti theft device for example. This is useful and crucial in our chaotic world. And that's why many of us place them on our vehicles.
Do you have an anti theft device on your SUV, car, or pick-up truck? I think it's prudent if you do. How else are you going to secure your ride when you're not around to keep an eye on it? Now, the anti theft device doesn't have to be some new-age, high-tech alarm system that sounds sirens for miles if someone bumps into your vehicle when it's parked. It can be something as simple as a club. Yeah, you remember the club. This is that anti theft device that locks up your steering wheel. It defends the main package. Although it doesn't secure things inside your car from being stolen, it does keep your vehicle from being driven away. That's the main issue at-hand, right? Personally I used to dream of a vehicle anti theft device that was a tad more extreme. You know, like the kind that would spray steel darts in all directions if someone was breaking into my car, or maybe inject them with a deadly poison once they sat in the driver's seat. However, these turned out to be a little on the extreme side. I saw that more clearly as I reached the age of 30. Oh well.
A great place to shop for a contemporary anti theft device is online. If you hop on, you can punch in the keywords "anti theft device" and take a gander at numerous options. There are all sorts of theft deterrent solutions in this day and age and they truly vary in complexity and cost. Find the one anti theft device that best suits you and your needs.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Paper Shredder

When you want to protect your identity, and keep your family safe from identity theft, you most likely think about keeping your computer safe from hackers, spyware, and phishing schemes. What most people don’t realize is that people still go about stealing another’s identity the old fashioned way. They can pick through your garbage to find the information they need, and you would be none the wiser. When it comes to getting rid of personal papers you no longer need, you should have a good paper shredder in your home office.
A paper shredder will shred each of your documents so that the information is destroyed. While you may think living in a small town means you have nothing to worry about, think again. People looking to steal your identity can be anywhere, and are quite often the last people you would think. Not only is your trash available to anyone who walks past it when you set it out for removal, you never know who is lurking around your local landfill. You may think digging through a landfill is gross, but there are those who won’t care about doing it, as long as they hit pay dirt. Sadly, they usually do.
Make sure you get a paper shredder that totally destroys all information. Your social security number is most valuable, and any documents that have this number should be put through the paper shredder before they are thrown out. Even your birth date is important, and those documents should be put through the paper shredder as well. Any bank statements, credit card statements, and other financial papers should be shredded as well as your bills and other statements. If it is important enough to save, it is important enough to put through the paper shredder when it is no longer needed.
Businesses always have a need for a good paper shredder, and they tend to shred everything. Even papers that may seem innocent go through the shredder. I have even seen bags of money sitting outside of a bank that have gone through a paper shredder. The trick is to get one that guarantees there is no way any documents can be reconstructed. What I saw in the bag was obviously money, but it was shredded in a way that there was no way it could be put together without it being obvious it was reconstructed. That’s what a good paper shredder should do for you and your family.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Child Saftey On The Internet

Nearly everyone has access to the Internet on a daily basis. There is no real censorship on line and many are concerned about child safety on the Internet. The risks of children being exposed to racy graphics and adult materials are great. Children are solicited on line every day and the risks increase as the child gets older.
Teenagers are at increased risk to exposure to inappropriate materials and dangerous predators because they go on line without supervision. They are more likely to have on line discussions with strangers than younger children. Many of the discussions are about adult topics and many revolve around relationships and sex.
Child safety on the Internet is often threatened when the child or teen is making an innocent search. A child may enter the word “toy” into a search engine and find adult materials not suitable for children. A child may come across inappropriate information accidentally. Pop-up advertisements can also contain inappropriate language and graphics.
Children may also be exposed to violent content as well. There are many sites that house hateful material and some sites may encourage children and teens to engage in activities that are illegal or to engage in activities that will put them in a precarious situation. The difficulty is that the teens and children don’t have to search for the material; it often comes to them through emails, chat rooms and advertisements.
The Internet may also be used by other children to harass a certain child or teen. The Internet has replaced the prank phone call in many cases, but the harassment is often very hateful and belligerent. Older children or teen may bully an unpopular student anonymously. Bullying over the Internet seems like a small worry, but it does pose a concern for child safety when using the Internet.
One major concern about child safety on the Internet is sexual predator. A trusting child could easily provide personal information that could lead a sexual deviant right to his home. The child or teen may choose to meet with the predator putting himself and his family at risk. Child molesters have been known to use chat rooms and emails to befriend a child and gain her trust. Then the predator arranges an encounter in person.
Less horrific, but very valid concerns about child safety on the Internet are hackers and viruses. It is very easy for a child to innocently download a file containing a virus. The virus can be could damage the computer. The virus can also increase the odds of a hacker gaining access to the computer. The hacker can obtain personal information about the family, including financial information and credit card numbers.
In some cases, the child gives out personal information without understanding the consequences. He may provide a third party with credit-card numbers or bank account information without fully knowing the ramifications.
Parents need to take child safety on the Internet into consideration. It is important to balance the child’s independence and privacy with parental involvement. Taking time to create rules and regulations and taking time to talk to children will help lessen the risks to children’s safety when going on line.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Being A Baton Rouge Lawyer

Being a Baton Rouge lawyer, life has been pretty busy since hurricane Katrina hit. I am a trial lawyer, specializing in insurance claims and real estate, so you can only imagine how hectic things have gotten down here. Much of the surrounding area has been destroyed, and because it is a so-called “act of God”, the insurance companies don't want to give a penny. The aid of a good Baton Rouge lawyer like yours truly can help, but ultimately, things have been pretty dismal for a lot of poor folks who lost their homes. Real estate is another area where there has been a big increase in the need for a Baton Rouge lawyer. Down here, there has been so much devastation from the flooding that property lines are often destroyed. People want to make sure that their houses are rebuilt using fair property markers, so they hire a Baton Rouge lawyer. Meanwhile, my firm has also been doing a considerable amount of business with the real estate developers, who have been hired to rebuild whole neighborhoods together, and need the services of a Baton Rouge lawyer who is familiar with local law to help streamline negotiation of the red tape. Our firm itself suffered considerable damage as a result of hurricane Katrina, both in lost hours of work, and in structural damage to our offices, so all of us are pressured to suddenly be working 60 or more hours a week! The reason I became a Baton Rouge lawyer in the first place, instead of setting up in somewhere more central and lucrative like New Orleans, or even New York, is because I didn't need the high pressure of working those kinds of work weeks. It is simply to much to do. I love being a Baton Rouge lawyer, but I love to relax and spend time with my family too. I don't believe that your career should be your whole life. If things continue as they have been, I won't continue being a Baton Rouge lawyer for much longer. The town has already changed so much, and the federal agencies in charge of rebuilding have done nothing to ensure that things stay the same. People have been moving away in droves, and it just doesn't feel like much of my old town is left anymore. I enjoy Louisiana, and I enjoy being a Baton Rouge attorney, but I'm feeling ready to throw in the towel.